Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 Words That Describe Pie

Childish - I think that innocence and awe in the world around you are two important traits that most people lose far to early in life. I hold onto these things, and other things associated with childhood like toys and dressing up because I feel like simple amusements are important to being happy and fulfilled.

Well Meaning - I think intentions are just as important, if not more important, than the outcome. I like to know that even if I do something, and it ends up hurting someone, its comforting to know that I had good intentions and only wanted what was good for them.

Artist - I love drawing, I love painting, and I feel that I'm a very creative person. I hope to be an artist as a career, so I guess that describes.

Fat - I've been fat my whole life, even though I've lost weight, I still feel fat, I still identify with with the fat girl. The reason I try to be so kind an understanding is because I was tormented for my weight. I feel like even if I became really skinny, I would still feel fat. I don't see this trait s a bad thing anymore. If I hadn't been overweight growing up, I probably would have become just like the girls I hate now.

friendly - I can be overly friendly. I think everyone is my friend, or could be my friend, so I try to befriend them.

strange- I have weird hobbies, I wear weird clothes, say and think weird things. Whatever. It makes me interesting.

cute- I love cute things! Hello Kitty, hearts little animals, everything's better if its cute. I'd like to think I'm cute.

bookworm- I read allll the time. I did alot more when I was younger, and I hd time to read.

moody- My mood can change in a split second, and I can get really depressed for no reason at all.

suporting- I like to think I encourge people.

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